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Mobile Trends for 2013: Freemium Is Here to Stay (NFC Is On the Way)

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on December 12, 2012
Mobile Trends for 2013: Freemium Is Here to Stay (NFC Is On the Way)

As we zoom towards 2013, we thought we'd ask mobile experts the world over what surprised them about the past year, what they expected in the coming year and what they think needs a bit more attention.

Today's interview is with Abhinav Gupta founder of app studio Game Scorpion:

What surprised you about 2012?

The speed of new mobile marketing and advertising methods that were being created. In a short period of time, we saw many brand new services start up to accommodate the app development crowd. It seems that companies are coming out with bigger and better things, and I am excited to see what new methods of mobile marketing are coming out next.

What is the biggest trend for the coming year?

I believe the biggest mobile trend for 2013 is everyone converting over to the freemium model, but now also new devices hitting the market. 2012 has been the year of purchasing tablets for consumers, and many app developers have been focusing on the latest tablets and phones. 2013 however will be bringing in some new areas which we have not yet experienced but will definitely see such as totally different platforms. From Home Appliances to Vehicles, down to OUYA which is a next generation video game console based on Android, we will see our app development shifting from simply just tablets and phones to now completely new markets. Imagine an app on your fridge which through wireless connects to your iPhone to let you know when your beer is just right temperature to drink. Or imagine an app inside your car that can let you know when an intruder has tried to tamper with your vehicle or even call the police for you. Even apps for your laundry machine to let you set the various rinse/wash cycles and will allow you to connect via your iPhone through 3G/4G while you're sitting on the bus to work! Brand new apps for totally different devices and systems, that's 2013 and beyond in my opinion!

What do you think is a trend that needs a bit more attention?

Another new mobile trend that will be happening that I believe is the 'one to watch' will be purchasing via NFC. As currencies are starting to shift, we will start seeing emerging technologies using Near Field Communication (NFC) starting to overtake the world. This is a huge step as app developers may start seeing retailers coming out with NFC devices to simply have a phone passed over it to make a purchase. Getting rid of the physical wallet will be something coming up over the next few years. This is a HUGE step for our industry as the mobile world starts to grow. We may even start seeing Visa/MasterCard built into phones! Abhinav Gupta is lead developer and CEO of Game Scorpion, Inc.He has 22 apps across various app stores and is working on his book,

How To Become A Developer - A Step by Step Guide to Starting a Successful App Business based on his course App Trillionaires

Learn more about Game Scorpion on Twitter or Facebook. They say the first trillion is always the hardest. Thanks Abhinav!

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